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We love the Basenji breed and want to share this experience with others through the breeding of excellent quality dogs and placement of puppies into loving homes that are ready for this unique breed.  Our dogs are purebred AKC-registered Basenjis from champion pedigrees.  We breed for excellent physical characteristics, but more importantly, for excellent temperament.   Our puppies are for home placement and are likely to be good for shows and athletic competitions as well.

Basenjis are a rare breed and there are very few breeders in New England.  Since Basenjis only have one heat cycle per year, this makes them even more rare.  Since they are so rare, and such a great dog breed to share, we felt compelled to share with others through selective breeding.

Boston Basenji is located 20 miles north of Boston in Middleton, Massachusetts.  We are located in a rural suburb of Boston and maintain a large open space for the dogs to exercise, play and train. 

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