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December 2021 Puppies

Dec 12,2021 - Today Sahara gave birth to five beautiful basenji puppies.  Three puppies appear to be red and two appear to be tri-colored (Black with red and white accents, which is a nice surprise).  See pictures below.  Note the puppy colors will change over the first 4 weeks and the red will match that of the mother and the tri-color accents will become more prominent.   See pictures below.  

ALL Puppies are reserved.  We have no puppies available.  If you are interested in a puppy, please email us on the Contact page to be added to our email update list.  Our next litter will be December of 2022.


Join our Boston Basenji Facebook Group by clicking on the button.  We hold meetups a few times a year and you are welcome to stop by to meet the dogs and owners and learn more about the basenji breed.

Legal disclaimer: We take sole responsibility and have sole authority to place puppies as fairly as we see fit.  We make no guarantees or commitments to anyone on the update list, newsletter list,  or by email or otherwise.   Only when we formally take reservations and only after the reservation

is finalized with inked signatures is any commitment made for any party.  

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