December 17,2018 -  Sahara had a litter of three (3) puppies.  Two are tri-colored and one is red.  See pictures below.  I will add pictures every couple days.  Check back for details.

Update Dec 23 - Puppies are all doing very well and gaining weight in a healthy way.  Two puppies are now reserved to new homes.  The Black one with the small white spot is still available.  

Update Dec 30 - Puppies are all doing great and are up over 2 pounds now; that's about 3X their birth-weight.  All puppies are now reserved for new homes as follows: Red puppy -Woolf family, Tri-color with larger white spot - DeMirelle family, and Tri-color with smaller white spot - Lariviere family.  If you are looking to reserve for future litters, you are still welcome to contact me and visit to learn more about the Basenji breed.  In addition, I will continue to post updates on the current litter every few days.  Enjoy!

Update Jan 13 - All puppies began walking and running this weekend.  Some are trying solid food and all are expected to ween within the week.  Everyone is healthy and doing well.

2018 Puppies